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If you’re involved in business insurance needs then you have requirements that are highly specific to your industry and to your business. Insurance is critical not only to running a thriving business but also to growing that business. In today’s trying times in which we are all constantly bombarded with new social and business obstacles, commercial insurance has never been more important, and the insurance professionals at Western Elite provide quality customized commercial insurance programs to fit clients’ needs. The key to the success of our organization is an intensive focus on specific industry segments and the ability to control the risk management and safety for those organizations.


Featured Solutions

Commercial Lines

It is important for business owners to carefully consider and evaluate their business insurance needs because their personal finances may be in jeopardy in the event of loss. If a business owner does not feel he or she has the ability to effectively assess their business risk and the need for coverage, he or she should work with a reputable, experienced, and licensed insurance broker.

Non-Profit Insurance

We protect nonprofits with affordable coverage tailored to their needs. We are so much more than just insurance. We provide FREE services and products to help our member nonprofits save money and operate safely.

Risk Management Solutions

Western Elite focuses on decreasing risk and delivering savings on insurance and operational costs by assisting clients in improving their on-site safety programs. We perform a full review of past claims checking for accuracy and then working directly with the claims administrator to rectify errors and reduce the overall cost of each claim.

Specialty Industries & Programs

Let Western Elite Insurance Solutions solve all of your Construction or Healthcare insurance needs including General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Inland Marine, Umbrella Liability, Bonding, etc.

Western Elite Is Uniquely Qualified to Help

It’s established that having commercial insurance that addresses your company’s unique needs is essential, but obtaining coverage that inspires your confidence is often another story. At Western Elite, we focus on using our vast experience to provide every client – no matter how large or how small your business might be – with our special brand of insurance-related acumen, insight, and commitment. Whether you run a business, an association, or any other type of commercial group, you likely have insurance issues, and we have results-driven solutions that are tailored specifically for your commercial insurance needs.

The Role of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance plays many critical roles, including:

  • Protecting your employees
  • Protecting your business
  • Protecting yourself as the business owner

Each of these protections – on its own – is essential, which makes this trio of products that much more important. Running a successful business is all-encompassing, and it’s not unusual for one’s insurance needs to take a backseat from time to time. At Western Elite, however, our commercial insurance providers will perform all the important early work to ascertain what your individual insurance needs, goals, and budget are – and will use this critical information as a launching pad. While you attend to the important work of maintaining and growing a successful business, we’ll focus on providing you with insurance products that are specifically tailored to your business – now and into the future.

Your Business: Your Insurance

No two businesses have exactly the same insurance needs. A restaurant that employs 20 people obviously has different insurance requirements than a doctor’s office that employs 20 people – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your industry has its specific requirements, and your business within that industry also requires a personalized approach to commercial insurance. While considering your options and coming to the right decisions for you may feel daunting, it needn’t be.

The insurance professionals at Western Elite are well equipped to help you pinpoint your priorities and succinctly address these priorities with the well-chosen insurance products that are right for you. Don’t let fear of the unknown or an aversion to change stop you from pursuing insurance that allows you to grow your business, retain the quality employees you need, protect your commercial profits, and protect yourself. Having the right commercial insurance in place can help you move forward into your business’s best future with the confidence and commitment that’s necessary to succeed.


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Thank you so much for always being so on top of everything! Always a pleasure working with you!

  • Melody
    Landscape Contractor

I never had any agents respond to my emails as quickly as you. I would just like for you to know I really love working with you, and our fleet manager has told me the same thing several times.

  • Tatyana
    Security Patrol Comp

As always, thanks for taking care of my requests so quickly and effeciently!!

  • Kerri
    General Contractor

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You can’t operate and grow a successful business if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage. The process associated with procuring such coverage can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. When you have a dedicated insurance professional at Western Elite on your side, you will experience the relief that comes from knowing all your insurance needs can be addressed simultaneously, thoroughly, and individually

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